Past Master Students


Daniel Brouwer (MSc)

He finished MSc project about the vertical axis rotation in the Central Iberian Orocline. We did a week of sampling in limestones in central Spain. He had the amazing opportunity of visiting Toledo, Trujillo, Salamanca and Segovia during the fieldwork. He managed to do the worst core I have ever seen. I have to say that he improved quickly after that and did pretty good ones too. He is also the only person that enters with a big smile to the cryo shifts…

Oscar Groenhof (MSc)
He finished a thesis that started about tectonic evolution of the Armorican Assamblage and ended up in a complex history of remagnetizations. During the MSc period we will analyze samples from the Pyrenees.
Up to now the only student that refused to drill because he did not like it (or he was too lazy to drill, who knows).
He is addicted to peanut butter, but that’s another story.


Thomas Groenewegen (MSc) My MSc first student!


He finished a MSc thesis about oroclines in the Iberian Variscides using a multidisciplinar approach.

He is probably the most unlucky person I have ever met. We broke the drill during fieldwork. His samples were lost for two months. The drill in the cutting room broke when he was preparing samples… but at the end he overcame all unfortunate events and performed a great thesis. His work is part of three papers, one publised in Geology!